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B2B Lead Generation

Leadzsurge propels organizational growth by forging links between startups and Fortune 500 leaders. Our strategic finesse and unwavering networking orchestrate triumphant interactions, yielding invaluable meetings and fruitful partnerships. Bridging ambition and opportunity, we adeptly guide startups through corporate landscapes, enabling impactful meetings with industry giants. Join us on a transformative journey where innovation meets influence, propelling startups to new business heights.

B2B Lead Gen Solutions

Fueling swift business expansion through validated strategies.

Meetings and SaaS Demo

I use advanced techniques to identify potential clients and generate leads for your business. My strategies include cold email campaigns and LinkedIn automation.

Email Marketing

I can help you reach your target audience and increase your sales with effective email marketing campaigns. I use personalized and engaging content to capture the attention of your potential clients.

Account-Based Marketing

Embracing a multi-touch Account-Based Marketing strategy, we stand ready to bolster every facet of your ABM initiative. Our meticulously crafted approach commences by pinpointing the ideal enterprises and key decision-makers within them.


My priority is driving real results!




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Professional and Efficient

Nikhil provided me with excellent help in my marketing campaigns, which skyrocketed our client acquisition efficiency. It was a pleasure working with him, as he is always available to help.

Antoni Skup

Skup Technologies

  • Definition of B2B Marketing Strategy
    B2B marketing strategies focus on engaging businesses and professionals rather than consumers. They involve intricate sales processes, demanding a profound grasp of corporate needs. Key tactics encompass email marketing, lead generation, brand building, and thought leadership.
  • Our Identity
    Leadzsurge: Your specialized growth hacking and B2B marketing partner. We master the digital arena with optimized content marketing, including webinars, whitepapers, blogs, case studies, videos, articles, infographics, and more. Our forte lies in generating high-value leads through direct marketing strategies.​​
  • Significance of B2B Marketing
    B2B marketing's essence lies in acquainting fellow businesses with your offerings and encouraging them to become customers. Voxturr, a B2B marketing agency, focuses on building connections between businesses rather than individual consumers.
  • Services We Extend​​
    With over a decade of experience as a B2B marketing agency, our prowess has been channeled into diverse projects. We excel in information gathering, strategic development, and creative execution, fostering success for all stakeholders. Our adaptability addresses all your marketing requisites.
  • Our B2B Clientele
    In a decade of B2B marketing excellence, Leadzsurge has curated expertise across various sectors – Financial, Technology, Medical, Manufacturing, and more. Our insights empower us to create pivotal strategies that steer B2B clients, ensuring alignment with objectives. We immerse ourselves in understanding brands, audiences, and aspirations, nurturing sustainable growth through effective marketing blueprints.

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